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💡 HIP — 22

👉 Resumen

ETH 2.0 y PoH: Implicaciones

Cómo agregar un POAP a Metamask

🎨 NFTs para apoyar UBI

👉 UBI Token #1


👉 Color Sketched ETHER

💡 HIPs en FASE 1

👉 HIP-25 Mejora del Registro en PoH para facilitar el ingreso

Community Call: Board Member Duties

🎨 NFTs to support UBI

👉 UBI Token #1

Source: OpenSea

👉 Color Sketched ETHER


💡 HIP — 22

👉 Simple Summary

Your voice matters!

💡 HIPs currently in PHASE 1

👉 HIP-25 Improve PoH Registration UI to facilitate on-boarding

🔔 HIP-17: Reduce Number of Kleros Jurors Drawn in First Rounds of POH Cases to One

🔔 HIP-23: Snapshot Administration

Santiago Siri — Universal Basic Income with Proof of Humanity

Santiago Siri on the main stage of the ETH CC [4]


This is the PoH community’s channel for announcing all things related to its ecosystem. Learn. Contribute. Act!

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