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If for some mysterious reason you have missed out the latest videos in English on the Proof of Humanity YouTube channel, we got your back!

Community Call: Board Member Duties

Hello humans! We had as speakers @FedericoAst1 & @clesaege The video can be summarized in the following key points:
— The Board is not management but was initially thought as such and was given added responsibilities it didn’t ask for
— The Board only helps with the voting structure and some administrative tasks to execute
— Hiring is not also restricted to the Board’s decision, anyone working/contributing in the project have voice on hiring
— Funding/ Changes on protocol parameters/registration rules needs consensus through HIPs and not within the Board’s control
— Truth is it’s better to shrink the board rather than expand it via elections
— It’s best that the board spend more time in connecting outside the community for integration possibilities rather than exercising politics-like power or control within the community
— More things can be done with fewer governance decisions
— PoH must aim more on decentralization of initiatives rather than aim for voting on diff stuff where dispute arises and need DAO-wide consensus
— The Board doesn’t directly control funds/DAO treasury. There’s no multisigs but is done through a list created in Kleros Governor ( where fund allocation must reflect the voted figures
— Board’s approval is not needed for anyone to build or integrate PoH
— Anyone building in PoH are encouraged to join Kleros Incubator Program ( Thanks to NingF and Kleyr for arranging this call and making it possible! If you want to talk about something that you believe it is important for the whole community, please reach us out in

UI/UX Working Group call 01

The community inaugurates the first UI/UX Working Group calls. In this call, Ted guided some open questions for the community to address. Senga showed the updates of the prototype he built using Justin and Ted’s suggestions. The community members who participated provided the desired direction to take care of these. Senga is currently drafting a proposal for PoH to accept the UI improvement and provide the resources to make finish its development. He recently did a special call to Frontend dev and UI/UX designers to join efforts.

You can find the call in, within the #Chat-Colaboración channel. Noteworthy are the following agreements: -Let’s decentralize the UI and its domain. -Let’s form working groups that take care of the several requirements for achieving a free and under 3 min registry. On this line, in the near future, we will summon teams for L2 rollup and Mobile-first design. Join the next one. They are every Monday at 7am CET in Discord.

Changes on jurors drawn and registration deposits

In this video, William George explains the implications of the already approved HIP-17. This is a great step in reducing registration fees while not reducing the security of PoH. Let’s dive into some key points. Current submission deposit: 3*.028(juror fee)+.1=.184 ETH Submission deposit with one juror initial round: 1*.028(juror fee)+.1=.128 ETH Current challenge deposit: 3*.028(juror fee)=.084 ETH Challenge deposit with one juror initial round: 1*.028=.028 ETH

One major trade-off of one-Juror first round is a single decision-maker might not result in a ‘representative’ of the broader community and so might result in more appeals than the current setup The way Kleros works is that the final round of appeal is the ultimate determinant of the incentive to parties involved and jurors as well as the profile in question. If you have any doubt you can directly contact wgeorge#9221 in Discord or ask in the Telegram groups.

UBI Alliance

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This is the PoH community’s channel for announcing all things related to its ecosystem. Learn. Contribute. Act!

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This is the PoH community’s channel for announcing all things related to its ecosystem. Learn. Contribute. Act!