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Let’s spread some love to our community members! NFTs, UBI Lottery, PoH Companion… it is hard to mention all the great things they are creating, but we ensure you that this article is a must-read!

🎨 NFTs to support UBI

👉 UBI Token #1

Source: OpenSea

Created by CryptoBNGFRN

Description: The FIRST UBI token is here, the glow represents how from the excedent of technology, a basic income to support our humans from our world, should redirect fairly to change the lives of those most in need. 50% of the proceeds of the auction will be donated to those in need!


👉 Color Sketched ETHER

Source: Rarible

Created by Rishi Majumdar

Description: The 3D ETHER is the fruit of my self learnt animation during the lockdown. There will be 9 more 3D ETHERs in different textures published later. This is 1/10 from the lot.
All the ETH acquired from the first sell of these NFTs will be donated to Proof Of Humanity Crowd Funding group — THE ROLLING FUNDS. Additionally an ‘Appreciation’ NFT with buyer’s ETH address will be minted on POSTA and will be transferred to the first buyer later.
THE ROLLING FUNDS group helps people to get registered in Proof Of Humanity protocol by paying for what some people find unaffordable. According to Rocio, a founder member, people who can’t afford to pay the fee are the people in need of UBI- the token issued by PoH and airdropped among its successful registrants. More information about the Rolling Funds group can be found at — https://t.me/pohcrowdfunding


🤞 UBI Lottery

Design by: Agus

What is it?

The UBI lottery is a system created to incentivize the burning of UBI tokens. For this, monthly raffles are held, where to participate, it is required to burn at least 100 UBI tokens, which equal to 1 ticket to participate. If you wish to “buy” 2 tickets, you will have to burn 200 UBI tokens, and so on.

How does it work?

To participate you have to send the UBI tokens to a specific wallet (0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD) to which no one has access to, known as the “burn” wallet. Then, copy the ETHwallet (ex: 0x6986E8C8Da3 …) with which the transaction was made and paste it into a Google form, and voila! You are already participating!

How are the prizes awarded?

Most of the prizes are going to be digital, like subscriptions to Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Spotify, etc. The draw will be carried out live and will be streamed through the YouTube channel.

Why is this being done?

Burning UBI tokens means lowering the supply. This would cause an increase in demand, and consequently, an increase in the value of the UBI token.

Who can participate?

Any human who is registered in Proof of Humanity. This is a necessary requirement to validate the identity when delivering the prize. (There will be a video call between the event organizer and the winner).

Project status

The status of UBI Lottery is BETA, so the news and the draws that take place will be organized from the following telegram channel. The organizer of the UBI Lottery is Valen.

🤝 PoH Companion

PoH companion has migrated to a new domain (www.pohcompanion.com), and it has a new, updated homepage as well!
There, you can find information about crypto prices, gas fees, calculate the swap, but also find out more about the UBI Lottery, and the Profile checker!

PoH Companion’s homepage

If you think there is something missing, send us a mail to ubihumanity@gmail.com or add it to suggestions at the #sugerencias channel in Discord ;)

UBI Alliance

Would you like to translate this article into your language? Send the translation to ubihumanity@gmail.com, and your work will be recognized! 🎖️



This is the PoH community’s channel for announcing all things related to its ecosystem. Learn. Contribute. Act!

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This is the PoH community’s channel for announcing all things related to its ecosystem. Learn. Contribute. Act!