Work in Progress — Community helping the community — June 2021

👉 Human.Agora

🎯 Goal: Take the Governance forum threads to an enhanced experience through democratic live sessions on Discord and YouTube.
The first session will take place this Monday, 21st of June, at 5PM CEST, presenting the HIP-16. The participants will be Luis Gonzalez and Santi Siri.
The Human.Agora democratic sessions have three sections. Discussion, Debate, and Deliberation. Each of 10 min max.
At the end of the session, a call to action to the whole community is made depending on the status of the HIP or the subject of discussion.

Do you want to collaborate? We need people with experience in moderation and communication. Check further info HERE

👉 Discord server

🎯 Goal: Concentrate all community chats, resources, and projects in a single space while providing a great experience to all the humans registered.

What is it? Discord is a server for communities that allows personalizing the experience each user has through roles and bots.
Discord allows having conferences, text-chats, and calls all in one place.
The UBI Alliance is providing this communication channel to improve the experience humans have when interacting with the community.

Do you want to collaborate? If you want to help in any way contact an Admin directly on Discord or send a email at

👉 Planetary Senate

🎯Goal: It aims is to bring UBI, SDGs, and Cryptocommons subject matter experts to Proof of Humanity so they can engage in the proposal, decision making, and contribution in solving the challenges PoH and UBI are facing.
Also, as having informed votes is a critical matter, we invite these experts to become Delegates which the community can rely on taking decisions.

The Planetary Senate has two phases: Presenting the experts through interviews, and then gathering them in once-a-month calls where they discuss, propose, and act on the challenges.

👉 PoH Companion

🎯 Goal: The goal of PoH Companion is reuniting in one place with all the useful tools for community members. It is the Swiss Army Knife of Proof of Humanity. It has direct links to the Community chats, the current Votes, and useful services when registering a profile such as the verification before uploading and a cost calculator.
This app is constantly improving, and you can get updates about its progress directly in its channel within the Proof of Humanity Ecosystem section in Discord.

Visit the page of PoH Companion HERE!

👉 Proof of Humanity REST

🎯 Goal: Provide a read-only RESTful API for the Proof of Humanity protocol in a fast, intuitive, and easy way.

The REST API pulls data from the blockchain, IPFS, and other sources to build a local relational database.

Visit the page of REST API HERE!

👉 Roadmap for User Experience improvements

🎯 Goal: Provide a path-driven discussion on what needs to be done to accelerate Proof of Humanity’s growth by including as many people and projects as possible, thus becoming maximally inclusive.

Visit the roadmap discussion HERE!

👉 Tokenlog

🎯 Goal: Enable the humans registered in PoH to brainstorm and vote for ideas that should have prioritization.

Visit the PoH’s tokenlog HERE!

👉 Humanitarian Yearn Vault

🎯 Goal: Add liquidity to the $UBI reserve pool in a sustainable, regenerative, and attractive way.

How? Basically, people deposit DAI which is re-invested in several for-profit strategies. The profit generated is then divided in two. One piece goes to the people who deposited the DAI and the other piece is used to buy $UBI and then burn it 🔥. The burning means reducing the supply of the token and thus, helping the price to maintain.

Soon we will have a video on how to deposit DAI with a campaign to attract UBI-driven philanthropists. Meanwhile, if you want to check it by yourself go HERE!

If you think there is something missing, send us a mail to or add it to suggestions at the #sugerencias channel in Discord ;)



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