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Your voice matters!

Weather you just entered Proof of Humanity, you are accessing the governance website for the first time, or you are already a HIP master, the only thing that matters is your voice. The power of shaping the DAO is in your hands. Don’t waste it.
In this article we are bringing you the most recent HIPs that are currently in Phase 1 (discussion phase), as well as the HIP-s that have been approved.

💡 HIPs currently in PHASE 1

👉 HIP-25 Improve PoH Registration UI to facilitate on-boarding

About the HIP: Improving the PoH registration process by implementing a new optimized UI for the Profile Submission form.

Abstract: This proposal provides a new UI for the PoH profile Registration form. The existing form is showing to be a bottleneck for the expansion of PoH. The high amounts of queries and unnecessary submission errors are stopping the current growth of PoH and will deter new users from registering in the future. We believe that providing a better UX can solve these problems and fast track the adoption of PoH.


👉 HIP-26: Decentralize domain name using ENS

About the HIP: This HIP would decentralize Proof of Humanity’s user interface by migrating from the centralized domain to a decentralized

Abstract: Traditional domain names like those ending with .id are inherently centralized because they are controlled by whoever has the login to the domain registrar. We can increase decentralization by moving to an Ethereum Name Service .eth domain name owned by a multisig.


👉 HIP-27: Allow 1-character mistakes in displayed addresses

About the HIP: This proposal would modify the registry policy to allow for limited mistakes or omissions in the address displayed in a profile’s video.

Abstract: Many profiles get challenged due to mistakes affecting a single character in the address displayed by the submitter in their video. This proposal would make it so a single such mistake would no longer be grounds for rejection. This would not reduce the security of the profile or the PoH registry in any practical terms as will be demonstrated below.


👉 HIP-28: Update submissionBaseDeposit

About the HIP: This proposal would adjust the parameter that determines the part of submission deposits that is used to incentivize challengers.

Abstract: I propose to update the submissionBaseDeposit, which is currently .1 ETH, to .081 ETH.


👉 HIP-29: Deposit funds of the DAO to the UBI Burning Vaults

About the HIP: The ETH and DAI held by the DAO should be deposited on the UBI burning vaults. This will help reduce circulating supply of UBI with half of the generated yield of these assets. Workers for the DAO should be paid using either ubiDAI or ubiWETH tokens. This helps set an example for other DAO treasuries out there.

Abstract: The Proof of Humanity DAO currently holds 46.48 ETH on its Kleros Governor contract & 34,051 DAI currently held on a Multisig setup to receive Gitcoin grants.

In order to support the burning of UBI with the Vaults implemented with the Yearn Finance community, we propose that rather than simply having the DAO holding these assets, these get deposited to the ubiWETH and the ubiDAI vaults that have been operational during the last two months.

The DAO will then hold ubiWETH and ubiDAI tokens, setting a clear example on how to support with its treasury the burning of UBI. This action can then be used as an example to invite other DAOs to do just the same thing in order to support Universal Basic Income on Ethereum.

Hired workers from the DAO in the future can also be directly paid with either ubiWETH or ubiDAI tokens and decide to withdraw themselves those funds any time they want to.



👉 HIP-17: Reduce Number of Kleros Jurors Drawn in First Rounds of POH Cases to One

About the HIP: This proposal would adjust the parameter that controls how many Kleros jurors are drawn in the first round of disputes concerning Proof of Humanity registrations/removals.

Abstract: I propose to reduce the registration deposit by specifying that the initial round of a dispute in case of profile registration (or removal request) challenge only draws one juror instead of three.


👉 HIP-22: Creation of the UBI DAO

About the HIP: This HIP will split the governance of the UBI smart contract from the governance of the Proof of Humanity protocol by creating a new DAO specifically for the monetary policy and technical innovations required for the Universal Basic Income ERC20 smart contract (UBI).

Abstract: As Proof of Humanity evolves, the protocol itself will maintain its 1 person 1 vote governance model using liquid democracy but it will only have influence over the Proof of Humanity protocol itself and no longer influence changes over the UBI token. The UBI token will have moving forward a specific DAO of its own, where holders of UBI will be able to vote with their stake and thus make decisions that will have influence over the UBI smart contract 5.


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This is the PoH community’s channel for announcing all things related to its ecosystem. Learn. Contribute. Act!