This Might Interest You — micro doses of useful information — June 2021

Information is the source of learning.

As William Pollard said: ”Information is the source of learning.” In this article we will explore some interesting threads that might as well lead you to post a line or two.

Summary: Discussion about how do we handle people paying someone who isn’t in the registry yet for the right to take a photo/video of them?

💡 Potential solutions offered:

*Increase the coordination/trust required between a puppeteer and their human puppet

*Increase the benefits of Proof of Humanity so that people want to claim it for themselves

*Shrink the pool of willing human puppets

*Let community challenge/investigate suspected bribery cases

*Verification scores

📚 More food for thought:

What to do: Participate in the discussion, challenge the current solutions, offer new ones, or complement them.

#Early stage #Social #Tech

Find out more about this thread HERE.

At the beach, you decide to get into the water. How much money are you comfortable leaving in your wallet with your towel? Your answer is the same amount you should keep in your web3 hot wallet, such as MetaMask.

To read the full thread, click HERE.

Summary: Full face mask party all around the globe with local nodes engaging in simultaneuous party mode.

What to do: Do you have any ideas on how to make this global party a success? Participate! 🥳

#Early stage #Social

Find out more about this thread HERE.

Summary: Use the PoH catalogue as a chain and use PoH Delegators as validator nodes.

What to do: Participate with ideas, engage in experimentation with Go language.

#Early stage #Tech #Go Engineer

Find out more about this thread HERE.

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